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Hi i was wondering if anyone knows how to get in touch with telwater i have tried several Savage dealers and they wont help and when asked to find out the paint color they suggest tow it to a sprayer but i have the gear just need the exact color code used on the hull.

Cheers for any suggestions

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I think you will find that telwater is Stacer not Savage. I have a Stacer Proline and had no problem getting the paint through the dealer.

Yes Telwater is Stacer and Quintrex.

Maybe drop Telwater a email. Or take a paint slither to a paint matching company.

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Hi, Telwater does own Savage, but only recently. If your Savage is older than about 2 years then not much point talking to Telwater because they did not make your boat, so would not know the paint code. AS the guys have said take a sample to a paint store if a Victoria built Savage.



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