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tuross and moruya


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i spent sunday and monday down the south coast.Sunday was spent on tuross lake flicking blades which resulted in LOTS of small flathead

and bream which was fun for a little while then we just wanted something bigger but didnt happen.

sunday night was spent on a beach at tuross,couldn't get to the beach that we wanted to because coilia lake had opened to the sea so we

went to a beach just up the road,it looked promising but after long cold night all we got was a undersized bream and a port jackson shark.

then on monday went to moruya river and after a few slow hours we started to get a few small flatties.we got about 5 flatties that were around the 33-35 cm mark which was fustrating,then all of a sudden we started to get some big ones.

there were a couple around the 40cm,then at last me and a mate each got one around the 50cm and the other bloke got a monster measuring 65cm!

a awesome day on the water and the little blade lures will catch anything i managed to catch a few different species-flatties,bream,talior,whiting and trevally,so between the three of us we managed a good feed of fresh fish for dinner.

cant wait to get down there again.

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Wow excellent catch, welldone.

Any chance you can share what type of blades (brand, colour, etc.), I have been slowly try to get into lures and SPs for Flatheads.

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