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First Snapper


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Nailed my first Snapper today out at Wattamolla. Came in at 60cm and around 2kgs.

I went out today with some reports of big reds there but with my luck trying to fish for them was always going to be a joke.

I got down to the rocks at 12pm and had nothing but small bites all day, switched rigs, changed hooks...did everything I could imagine to entice the buggers but nothing save for a small ray which went back in the drink. I switched spots, ended up chucking out a whole Slimey tail nothing hit it on the first retrieve then about 10 mins later BAM my rod when down. AT first I thought it was a salmon or tailor or maybe even a small shark because it wasn't really fighting, save from going down deep as it could. Then the beauty showed itself and I screamed "SNAPPER". Pretty stoked with it! Been trying off an on for the past 6 months to nail one and I finally did!.


post-22812-074563200 1339751606_thumb.jpeg

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Nice Snapper

must have felt like brick to pull in.

Good stuff

Tell me about it haha.

Didn't fight all It did was act dead and occupationally point for the sea floor

Thats a hell of a catch :thumbup: Looks like I couldn't make it again. Stuck with this dam cold virus.

Thanks mate!

Yeah it's going around everywhere lately.

Always next time

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