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Moruya Kingfish Still There


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Headed out from Mossy Point with faithful deckie John. John has a theory that Kingfish bite best around the new moon - which was today. Yellowtail were a bit difficult to come by but after trying 3 spots we ended up with about 10 + 2 small slimeys. When we logged in we were warned of strong winds due around midday - we were already aware of that but we were also aware that the weather forecasts can be a bit inaccurate eg yesterday strong winds were forecast, so we stayed home and the weather was perfect!

We headed south with a stiff breeze behind us. Soon after we arrived at our kingfish spot the wind started to die. And then built up again from the south. The kingies were there in numbers and, despite the fast drift and the need for heavy sinkers, we had 6 kings of around 80 cm in the box by midday. The fish were biting so well that we even caught 2 on dead (or nearly dead) yellowtail. The trick with the dead ones was to jig them slowly. By 12.15 the wind was quite strong - we thought about 20 kts. We late found out that the weather station on Montague Island (7 km of Narooma - we were about 6 km of Moruya) had recorded 35 kts, but I don't think it was that strong where we were. The trip back was quick with the strong wind behind us.

Part way back we stopped to eat lunch and picked up a nice flathead. In 45m of water, using a 12 ounce sinker, I had 100m of line out to hold the bottom.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is a bit better so we're hoping for a few more kings or some flathead and snapper, but Thursday and Friday don't look good. But we'll see what happens.

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