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Port Kembla


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Hey guys,

Launched late today at about 9am from Port Kembla to have a bit of a look around the islands for the first time.

After trolling the southern breakwall a few times I headed out the back of the far island to look for a spot to fish some bait and plastics. I could not seem to find any real bottom structure or fish on the sounder so I just did a few drifts, hoping I would stumble across something. After about 2 hours with nothing I decided to call it a day and head back in as I have to work tonight.

I have heard of snapper and kings being taken around there, but I guess its just getting to know where they are holding which takes experience.

Looking at heading out again Friday as the weather looks great and not sure where to go. I have heard that the hump off stanwell is the go so if the weather is good i might give that a try.

If anyone has some pointers for fishing the wollongong area I am all ears and hopefully friday I will have a better report to share!



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