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Catching sharks around sydney.


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Hello fellow raiders,

Looking for a few ideas such as locations and tips and techniques to catching small sharks around sydney (1m to 1.5m range for catch and release.). Preferably in the harbour or the hawkesbury? I have fished bream and flatties in the past and are looking to try some thing a bit different for a bit of fun. Fishing from a 16ft half cab so most areas are within reach. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi mate,

You've left it kinda late to start catching sharks they generally like the warmer water that being said though they are still around just not in great numbers, broken bay and pittwater both produce at times pretty much where you'll catch Jews in those areas sharks will hang around too, berley is the key and lots of it. Some area to start looking into in those areas would be flint and steel, west head and around Scotland island they're great fun on light tackle for the smaller models. Use fairly large flesh baits on wire trace or you can try heavy mono leader with circles which will still keep you in the chance for Jews too. In the harbour a another good spot is dobroyd headland that holds numbers at times.

When fishing for them I usually have 3 baits out one floating under a balloon one mid water depth and one on the bottom, if your really keen try a live salmon or Tailor fished under a balloon, that makes for some wicked surface strikes at times.

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Chum the area a bit and put out a selection of baits. A big salmon/mullet head and a live bait (big mullet, big yakkas, tailor) under a balloon. Preferably give the livie a little tiny wound so theres a small scent of blood in the water coming from it. In the Harbour, head up into middle harbour. Anchor in places where theres deep water (10m+) and good current flow. These are the sorts of places where sharks are likely to be actively feeding. Its worth having an unweighted bait too. This will woft around in the current until something has a crack at it! For the Hawkesbury, i find them almost anywhere. If you burley hard then you should have a little bit of luck! I have to agree with the previous comment though, the sharks will be harder to get through the cooler months. If i were you i'd hold off until september at least.

Cheers, Tom

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