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Coffs Harbour


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Im heading up that way on monday and was wondering if any raiders would be able to help with some breaming up that way. Ive tried in the main harbour at coffs but we are staying a bit further sth so was wondering what is here in the way of breamin. I picked up a cpl of packets of hawgs to take up 2day so i cant wait to give them a go up there. Any help much appreciated Cheers Tyrone

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Hey mate yer is all landbased unfortunately. Im mainly going for holidays but just throwing in my flick rod to find some bream in the rivers etc. What else can be caught cheers mate


gday mate

I just got back from a week in Coffs, all the rivers are the colour of milo and still running hard, the beaches and rocks where just seeing some fish come back after the heavy rains and swells, but it may be better next week for ya! good luck, i hear that the belli river fishes well for bream and jew



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Tyrone - been a few years since I fished there but here goes. Since you are landbased your options are limited but there are a couple of productive areas to try along Bonville Creek. First off - fish the entrance on the Northern side, its quite narrow but deep and depending on the tides you might pick up bream or lizards. Jew are also caught here. The other place to try is around the shoreline near the boat ramp on Sawtell Reserve. Plenty of ground to cover with some deep water - you might have to try different tides but you stand a good chance of getting bream. The further you walk towards the entrance the shallower it gets and you are more likely to get lizards. There are also blackfish and trevors about. Dont forget to ask the locals where the fish are. Have fun!

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