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Smashing Day at Norton's Basin


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Having read reports about the trout now inhabiting the Nepean River, today I decided to hike into Norton's Basin for the first time. I arrived around 11.30 and found the car park empty. I hiked down towards the water, heading right for some reason and ended up where a small "waterfall" spills into a large basin of water. Alas, visibility into the water was about 20cm - dirty water spilling in from the rain in the Nepean catchment. Undeterred, I rigged my new 4 piece Okuma travel rod, attached a Rapala CD5 in the rainbow trout colour and began casting. No action in that pool so I began making my way along the edge downstream, flicking casts out wherever there was an opening in the bankside vegetation. After about an hour hooked up on what turned out to be a fiesty little bass of around 30cm,which, of course, was returned to grow bigger.

Further ahead I noticed some splashes in a larger pool, which, when I arrived at it, was the junction of the Wollondilly and Nepean rivers. The water had cleared markedly here, and my enthusiasm stepped up a notch! By now it was about 2.00pm, the sun was shining, that (those?) fish was still active, the ducks were enjoying the solitude and so was I. After an hour of casting around this area, including several lure changes, I decided that the fish were not co-operating today and began the steep walk out.

As I approached the top (puffing a lot!) I was feeling a little chuffed. I had chosen an active day when I could have sat at home doing little, and reflecting on what I had experienced today. In my mind I was planning future trips with a good mate over the winter when the water might be clearer.

Arriving at the car, I unlocked and put my gear in the back. I opened the driver's side door and..... shit, some lowly scum-bag, who pretends to be a human being, has smashed the passenger side front window and helped himself to my toolbag that is in the back area. :badmood:

The upshot - a $600 insurance excess to pay and a lot of stuffing around while I get my window repaired. Those rumoured Nepean River trout are safe from me - I won't be back. :05:

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sorry to hear about that i feel for ya , it happened to me as well on the Nepean ,but i was fortune enough that the thief got caught in the act by the police,

But yeah it really puts you off it sucks . Now days i get dropped off just for a piece of mind

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If you are interested the police in Penrith told me that the thieves who break into cars at these places always return to the scene of the crime. It worries them because the victim does also and takes law into their own hands. The thieves are local to the area.

I know how you feel as it has happened many times to me. Becareful if you move house as that is a danger time for your property to be stolen.

Lost all my tackle + other valuables . I knew who but NO proof.

If I am somewhere and there is a person trying to sell what I think are stolen products I ring the police.

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