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Port Kembla


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Hey guys I'm new to this , so sorry for any stupid questions.

I'm interested in try a night fish around the south side of port Kembla maybe off the wall. What is this like?. I will be by my self is this safe? Any info would be greatlful. Cheers Evan.

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There is usually a lot of guys there but mainly to fish and mind thier own business, so I don't think it's bad to fish there at night on your own I have done it before. But you need to remember that now they lock the gates there, so if it's night fishing you want you may need to commit to being locked inside from something like 7pm - 7am.

Your other option is to park your car outside the gates, take that very long walk down to the breakwall and fish for as long as you want then walk back. It's a lot of walking but saves you from being locked in, but seriously a LOT of walking.

To be honest, I would rather go with a person just for the safety of me slipping or needing assistance.

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I agree.

If you were to fall in at night on your lonesome it may take some time for people to realise.

The water their is very deceptive.

On my first visit I jump down to a rock ledge then got a spine tingling feeling....

I climbed back up the rocks and within 10 seconds the water hit the wall and rose about 1 - 1.5 meters in seconds.

I could have been taken out.

Regarding the amount of walking you could always modify a bike like one of the Asian fellows has done.

He carts all his gear on the back of a trailer made for his bike.

He also seems to be rewarded by fishing the early times as he always seems to comeback with some kind of bonito or frigate and not just the typical salmon I am stuck with.

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Fishing night off the rocks is always more dangerous because you can't see what the swell is doing. If you have a good ear you can hear it and get an idea what's happening, but that takes a lot of experience and still isn't as nearly as good as a look.

If you do fish the night, make sure the tide is on its way out and as always check the sea and swell and get there at least half an hour (a full hour is better) before sunset to check the lie of the land and find the safest spot for when it gets dark.

Turn up after dark without checking the conditions and you'll end up like those kids up north...

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Has anyone fished the other wall? Are pillies ok? I'd like to get some live bait if it around.

Pillies on your stock standard paternoster work well.

I have only recently started going there and have caught a few salmon with this method though others have pulled in tailor, bonito and bream with this method and bait.

Salted pillies are best as they dont fling off the hook.

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i havn't fish there for 20 yearsbut it was a spot i fished often when i was on call in the steel works

i always fished with 12 foot rods and alveys and stayed on top off the break wall at night i fished the very end for jew and snapper a cast straight off the end towards the north wall will put you in with a good chance off snapper and for jew cast straight east from the endalso good flattys the only time we left the top off the wall was to gaff jew and only with some one on top as a spotter for the swell

rock fishing at night is a team effort and you would be crazy to fish anywere but the top if your going solo if you do go solo you should try to work a big fish to the inside before leaving the top be very carefull and good luck ps great place to get big squid witch is the killer bait for all the above cheers gary

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