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A 31-year-old boat builder from Bayview was convicted of operating an unsafe vessel and ordered to pay $7881 in fines and court costs after making modifications so extensive the stability of the vessel was compromised.

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Acting General Manager Maritime Operations Trevor Williams said an RMS investigation into the 4.8 metre boat was the first successful prosecution under new unsafe vessel provisions.

"The Magistrate's decision demonstrates thereis an obligation for the owners of vessels to ensure they are safe before operating on the water," Mr Williams said.

"The vessel had been modified to such an extent that it was literally an accident waiting to happen."

Mr Williams said modifications included fitting a motor which was too large for the vessel, removing the steering wheeland installing a tiller handle to the 200 horse power motor, removing seating , removing installed fuel tanks and mounting the motor in an unorthodox manner.

"The net effect was to change the vessel's centre of gravity to such a degree the stability of the vessel was compromised," he said.

The RMS investigation followed an incident in which the boat owner's friend, who had borrowed the boat, lost control and received propeller injuries while under the influence of alcohol on the Easter long weekend last year. He was charged separately with navigating a vessel while having a mid-range prescribed concentration of alcohol is his blood.

The matter was heard at Parramatta Local Court, with the magistrate ordering the Bayview man to pay a $1200 fine, $81 in courts costs and $6600 in professional costs to RMS.

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Yep an idiot and deserves the fine

But what is disturbing is the cash cow they are turning boat owners and fisherman into

My boat licence is way dearer then my car licence , I use the car licence daily the boat every 2-4 weeks

And the fines and saftey requirements are getting nuts too

If anyone here is in any sort of boat accident do not talk to rms to give a statement untill you have spoken to a lawyer

A friend had a wave come over the back of the boat when he had a sea drogue out swamping the electricals and requiring vmr to rescue him

Rms investigated and fined him $2k for not keeping a proper watch ie he wasn't watching 360 degrees while operating the boat

Something that is impossible to do but they got him on his statement when they asked if he was watching the rear of the boat when it happened

A lawyer would have advised him on what to say in his statement to rms

Bit of a ramble but if you find rms after you you are going to get shafted hard

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juggs if u can afford the luxury of owning a boat u can afford the license

Sorry Gazza can agree with that comment, heard it used in many time relating to many different thing and it means jack, You might as well say if you have a licence you can afford and Ferrari etc etc etc

Its like all sports, every bit of extra costs hurts $20 hear $20 there at the end of the day it all adds up and stops people doing what we love.

But like every thing the Government is wringing everything out of people, only time will tell where we end up.

Now back to the story, don't do anything stupid to your boat.

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juggs if u can afford the luxury of owning a boat u can afford the license

didnt read what i wrote?

im not complaing about a licence, its just mildly amusing how the state gov thinks its a cash cow

the fee is excessive is all

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