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jew trifecta


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hi raiders I had an RDO yesterday so a plann was hatched to have a jew bash with a mate of mine who is on holidays at the moment.

I wasn't sure how good it would be at this time of year as I dont normally go when it starts getting into june as it gets a bit cold, however I was pleasantly surprised!

We arrived at our spot around 6.30 amd pulled the pin around 10.30pm and ended up with 3 very nice jew . The first jew hit around 8.30pm on my rod and went a nice 71cm. after measuring the fish and throwing it in the esky I baited up and settled down to catch another one. After a couple of minutes I decided to ring my partner, Rosetta ,and let her know of our success, and as the phone was ringing the same rod buckled over! From that point on for the next few minutes there was complete chaos as I tried to put the phone somewhere safe . grab the rod. and stop it from running around the other lines. Unbeknown to me I hadn't hung up the phone and while all this was happening Rosetta was on the other end of the phone laughing with absolutely no idea why I rang her. When I finally spoke to her a couple of minutes later she said that all she could hear was F###, sh##, grab that, move that, f###!!!shine the torch, sh##! - anyway I ended up landing the fish and it was almost the same size at 70cm.

half an hour later john got a good bite and struck but came up empty, but his patience was soon rewarded with the best fish of the night at 73cm!

post-8689-056000200 1340930447_thumb.jpg

my 2 fish.

the rest of the photos have to go on seperate pages as I cant work out how to get them small enough to fit on one page.

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Wow! Great report and beautiful fish.......if you have time, can you elaborate a little re:

What bait?

What rigs?

Broadly what harbour location?

Any berley?

How you going to cook?

That's a great cold water catch tide'n'knots, congratulations.

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Great work Pete, you and your buddy did well, funny story too..

Congrats... :thumbup:

thanks ray, its amazing how fish pick the most inopportune time to bite! always when your on the phone. making a cuppa, rolling a smoke or trying to rig another rod ! I swear that sometimes they can see us and deliberately catch us off guard.


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Pete and I went out the following night and scored 2 each all released ...thanks for a top night out Pete :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

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G`day Pete and greeting from Cairns (windy Cairns)top catch that is a top spot.Look forward to seeing you again at the social cheers stephen and fiona.

if tonight is anything to go on - its going to be freezing at the social!!!!but I am looking forwards to catching up also.


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Great report, Tide'n'knots, and very funny as well. Although at the time, I bet it was anything but. Kudos for braving the cold. Your a better man than I. And your mate in shorts? What, did his mother swallow a space blanket when she was pregnant with him? Pass on congrats for me as well.



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