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First day on Fishraider


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Hi all,

Just introducing myself to the sight. Here is a pic of my pb flatty.(please excuse the poor quality dodgy phone pic) We had a live tailor out in a channel in Botany Bay hoping for a jewie or king and just as waterways came up to the boat to check licences, something seemed to be teasing the bait. I gave it a few secconds to take the hook, and I was on. low and behold, up comes the biggest flatty I have seen. The waterways guy was impressed too!

I hope to ad some more pics Tuesday night after anoher day out on the bay.

post-23721-045270400 1341144588_thumb.jpg

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Thanks guys,

He was 82cm. Its ro record, however it definitly made my day, and i willl always be talking about the monster flatty that took a live tailor (35cm).

Nice mate! Tailors a fantastic bait. I've got numerous big flatties on it as well as my PB jewie at 96cm!

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I am still waiting on a big jew. Just not my lucky fish!

Thats the challenge mate! It took me many many many hours to crack the code. But its all worth it when you get it!

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