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Currently in Malaysia and nailed

Owner hooks of 1/0's and 4/0's

Gamakatsu hooks of size 2 and 4

Maruto size 5 hooks

Leaders of 6, 8,12, 20 and 40lb



Heaps of different sized sinkers



all for $23.. Couldn't be happier

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There definately is a small margin between rods and reels etc but not some huge margin that you would expects.. Ive bught tackle such as squid jigs which were about $6.5 which is so worth it in comparison to aussie prices.. i did buy an Opass rod today 10 foot for $68. has anyone heard of this brand and if so is it alright.

The brand of leader is nelayan.. i had the chance to get the better brands today but jumped in to it early. its ok though :thumbup:

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