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Land Base Squiding


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Had a day of work yesterday purposely so i can test out my Berkeley Egi Rod that dad bought me, he quotes as long as you bring me squid home to eat there will be more rods and jigs :biggrin2: well he put some pressure on me to try and get some.

Decided to hit the eastern suburbs as my uncle always does well on them. Got down to a section of rocks and caught my first one on my first flick and then nothing for 2 hours as i was hopping from rock to rock, as i was about to give up i changed my jig from a 3/0 to a 2/0 and it started getting smashed. Lost a couple of jigs as well so dad will have to replace them if he wants more squid :thumbup:

Cheers Anthony.

post-23290-055122500 1341352000_thumb.jpg

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Good squiddin I'm sure your dad will get u more jigs :thumbup:

Yeh he got some for me today, can't wait to use them because they look awesome, they actually look like a real prawn. Here is a photo of one that i took out of the packet.

post-23290-063281400 1341487610_thumb.jpg

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Top effort.

I got some questions.

Were you ocean or harbour side?

What brand of jigs were you using?

What colour worked best?


Ocean side, Shimano jigs and Yamashita and i only like using natural colours.

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