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Hawkesbury Prawn

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Hi Raiders,

How do you tell, if what you are buying from a bait\tackle store, is really Hawkesbury Prawns?

I went into a store last weekend, the guy says he sells hawkesbury prawns, I take look in his freezer, and they look like ordinary small servo prawns... frozen.

I left and to another store and asked for Hawkesbury Prawns, the prawns there were not frozen, but were definitely bigger, around the size of your thumb.

So whats the deal with that, what do they look like, and how do I know if they aren't ordinary prawns from the local lake?

Or perhaps I am asking the wrong question, where is a reputable place I can buy them?



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hey Dave, there is a bait and tackle store up this way near the Hawkesbury that supply and sell Hawkesbury Prawns. (there in most servos up here)they have their Hawkesbury Prawns in packs with "Hawkesbury Prawns" most times they are big but depends on the time of year but you can tell the difference when you put the 2 packs next to each other which are Hawkesbury Prawns.

hope that helps julian

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