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Barra at Nth Sydney?


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I think I saw a barra amongst the weeds near nth Syd wharf this morning. I was fishing for squid when I noticed a largish dark shape next to the kelp in about 1.5 m of water. I was pretty much on top of it and due to it's blackish colour thought it was a large blackfish but I noticed the white stripe on the top of the head. I'd say it was about 40cms. I threw my jig at it to get a better look and it rolled on it's side a bit and went sluggishly in to the weed and just sat there with his head poking out.. I'm 98.8833% sure it was a barra...mainly due to the stripe on the head...any other fish have such markings?

So I assume some one has dumped it in there as he seemed very sluggish and dark in colour...But I thought they went silver in saltwater. So the colour change may be a due to it's health.??

I'm now wondering why I didn't take a photo.

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Could be mate! Another report posted a few days ago about one caught in LCR. They generally are light in colour if in saltwater but there are a few reasons why it may not have been. If its been living amongst the weed it may cause it to get darker in colour (unlikely as it can't have been living there long with current water temps. Could have been hatched/farmed in fresh water and then when some fool placed it in the harbour it remained that colour. Could be due to its health but then again i'm certainly no expert...

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