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Roseville Bridge


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Took the tinny for a bit of a run down at Roseville this morning. I hoped to picking up some tailor, or bream if they were co-operating. Drifted under the bridge and had virtually nothing. Anchored, and started to set up a berley trail. Had a few small taps, and got one black bream that was a throw back. Fished pilchards and prawns, but the response was the same for both.

Finally packed it up when it looked like rain. Saw a few other boats come back, but they seemed to all be empty. Chopped up all the pillies I had left, and tossed them over the side in the moorings. Did not see a single fish swim up for the free feed. The heavens opened just as I was putting the boat on the trailer, so I got soaked too. :1badmood:

For those who are interested, the taps are all working down at Roseville, so you can easily flush the motor and rinse the salt off the wheels.

Time to go and pick up a few beers and a bbq'd chook, and get ready for an afternoon of Rugby. :beersmile:

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