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Jewi Trifecta


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Hi Raiders,

I managed to convince my mate to target Jewie's in the Georges River yesterday morning, we managed to get the run out tide and fished some nice holes using a 3 gram 3/0 jig heads with a 100mm squidgy Fish (colour is in the pic).

It was hard work for the first hour and doubting we would get on..... than BANG!! as I was lifting my rod to give the plastic its action the rod loaded up and felt some good head shakes and a small run, I thought it was a half decent Flattie then saw some colour and then realised CRAP... GET THE NET GET THE NET!!!! my mate landed him first scoop!!. WWWOOOOOHHHOOOO

It’s only a 55cm soapie but never the less my first Jew on a plastic and boy did it feel great, without dragging on I managed 2 more soapies one 56cm and the other 43cm released for hopefully me or another Raider to catch another day.<BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"><BR style="mso-special-character: line-break">

Can’t wait to get out there again and see if there are any larger ones around :thumbup:


post-18600-066072600 1341802115_thumb.jpg

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Guest hawkesbass

Well done not a jewie virgin no more when i get bored of the harbour the georges will be on the agenda to get me amongst them

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