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Bluefin, Bluefin Everywhere


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Spent the day offshore Monday. Weather beautiful, fishing FANTASTIC.

Trolled by Brown's and further. Caught nothing for six hours, then 40+ miles out, we had a quadruple hook up. Then all hell broke loose. Four of us, plus capitain and decky, landed 10 nice fish up to 70kg (161cm). Then brought another 10 to the boat and released them. Then the action got crazier, where we took off the hooks from the lures and "played with" 20+ fish. One would grab the stick bait or popper, run 25 meters, spit it out, and then another would have a go! Fantastic fun. At one point, we put an underwater camera on a pole in the water, and the fish grabbed it!

After three hours of exhausting fun, we headed home.....FANTASTIC fun.....

post-16126-043856200 1341877423_thumb.jpg

post-16126-081154900 1341877436_thumb.jpg

post-16126-076035600 1341877451_thumb.jpg

post-16126-054295000 1341877469_thumb.jpg

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