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Wow what a cracker of a day, I am writing this in much pain as my arms and back are still aching from pulling in a massive Tuna.

Had an awesome day with Mick and Dave from Reef Magic. Took a little while to find em but Mick put us on the spot and just after lunch BAM 5 way hook-up unforTUNAtly one got away when Bens line got twisted with another rod, with all the chaos going on we still got 4 in the boat, it was crazy. Apart from that we all had a great day. The fish were that big it needed 3 of us to carry each others fish to the cars, what a sight. i used a golf buggy to get mine round the back when i got home and dumped it into the outside bath (tail hanging out - didnt quite fit) with ice and salt. (another great tip from Dave) ready to be sliced and diced in the morning. Off to bed now still buzzing, I'm sure Stewy will have a more detailed report with photos.

Thanks Guys

Awesome day


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What a ripper day. I cant thank and recommend the boys from Reef Magic enough. To have a 5 way hook up and land 4 was nothing short of a miracle, if it weren't for the guidance and enthusiasm of Dave and the Brilliance of our skipper Mick we would have never got em in.. Well Done Boys

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Is that a shark daddy, can we eat himd31e03ba-70f9-ca5a.jpg

that is a great shot ,,strraight to the pool room with that one

i can imagine my wifes reaction wakeing up in the middle of the night to find that in the bath ,oh she would be wrapt

wrapping your hands around my neck maybe ,,well done guys ,great fish

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Hi I'm looking at Heading out thursday can u tell me where these bluefin are

from what I remember we got the on the 1000 fathom line south of browns. Capt. mike and Dave were legends with Damo passing on info from the shore

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O` boy. What fishes. :1yikes:

Looks like that is it good tuna time when reading tuna reports. One my faforite fish to eat fresh, hope that can come fishing some day. What is it tuna season, from april to where?

How you fishing, Only trolling?


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