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Narrabeen Beach Sesh


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G'day raiders,

Its been a while since my last fishing report so I thought I had better get one up on here before Im forgotten about and get a story in for COTM. This months and indeed last months target species has been the humble Aussie Salmon, and Narrabeen beach whilst being a but of a drive from parramatta has become a somewhat regular spot for me to park myself of an evening to catch a fish or three..My good mate Wilz and I have been hitting the beach mostly in the evening/night after work and sometimes fishing into the early hours of the morning despite having work the next day. On monday the second of july we hit the beach with rods, tackle box, net, gaff, pvc pipe and mammoth chocolate milks in hand and setup camp just off loftus street. We'd taken 4 rods down to hopefully have 2 sitting out with baits and 2 in our hands however this was a bad idea as tangles were happening way too often and we switched back to one line each. Anywho, with my usual favourite configuration of unweighted west australian pillie on snelled gangs two of the 7ft 6-8kg mojiko rods with 6500 reels were cast out waiting for a strike, and well cutting a long story short I managed to skull drag (probably my favourite descriptive phrase this week) 3 healthy sambo's to the shore. when I gutted the biggest one I cut its stomach open to reveal a baby flattie, some squid, and my 2 pilchards! This was one hungry/greedy fish and he was solid! He probably went about 60cm and a couple of kilo on the scales with 2 smaller models to follow. We ended up packing up and heading home around 1 in the AM as I had work the next day and it completely threw off my week.. But I think catching some quality fish was more rewarding than sleep.


Tonights report to follow!post-22940-056675200 1342018960_thumb.jpg

post-22940-035903600 1342018945_thumb.png

post-22940-063535900 1342018990_thumb.jpg

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