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blackfishing north head tomoz. if anyones keen


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G'day all

im planning on hitting the rocks harbour side, around north head tomorrow afternoon, chasing blackfish if anyones keen to come along.

had 1/2 dozen trips out last year without catching anything, and this will be my 1st time out this year (been too busy!) and im determined to break my duck !

ive got some great advice from the old hands on this site, and got my gear / rig tuned so im feeling lucky.

just throwing it out there if anyones keen to tag along.


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well managed to get down to my fav ledge, but got there alot earlier than i hoped as i had other things to do sat arvo.

fished from 10:30 - 2, on the run in tide (think low tide was at 10) but only managed 2 yakkas on cabbage. they were massive for yakkas, and i didnt know they took weed

the water was super clear, and i could see the bottom, which for the deep north head area is pretty rare!

There were 4 other fisho's there going for blackies also, and there wasonly 1 managed a down between all of us. he landed a small blackie, but threw him back. Guess they werent biting there on that day.

highlight of the day was around midday, when 2 humpback whales popped up not 20meters from the rock ledge. It was amazing. never seen them that close. Well within casting distance. One of the guys had to move his line they were that close! A few tail slaps and a fin wave and they were off. Made they day worth while !

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Hey, that was you, hehehe.

I was the guy who came and asked you for a couple of tips when I first walked to the ledge.

The whales were an awesome sight, and definitely the highlight of the day.

The fishing only got worse after you left, no one getting a fish, or for that matter a down.

Lovely day anyway.

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hey bennoz which ledge were you fishing at North head was it the old mans hat, Little bluey fairy bower or below the treatment plant.They were my old stomping grounds dont worry if you did not get any fish as I have heard that the ocean rocks have started to shut down of late.Was there any swell on the day you were fishing? as this is critical for good catches especially when it is clear.From memory this time of year was always tough of the rocks still a chance on the right day but not consistent.The harbour is the go at the moment.Cheers Steve.

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thx slam

it was old mans.

swell was almost non existent

i always thought blackfish were a "winter" or cooler water fish.

if the ocean rocks are shutting down - when is the good time to fish for em ?

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They will fire up again in September and increase in numbers all throughout the summer with the best months being January all through to about end of May.Having said that there is no hard and fast rules as i have experienced poor catches even in the prime months so I guess it depends on the day and the swell conditions.

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