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Old Wooden Reel - Maybe predates Alvey?


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Hi guys

A visiting Qld buddy showed me his old wooden reel that he still uses - he's had it for over 40 years & it was old already when he was given it!!

Can anyone 'date' it, or have any idea who made it? No identifying maker's mark that I could spot!!

Very well made tho - and runs beautifully! It could almost have been a prototype for an Alvey, as it looks so similar, altho fixed reel, not turning for casting? Maybe an early 'blackfish/coarse fishing' reel?

post-2231-044544000 1342231076_thumb.jpg

post-2231-039137300 1342231106_thumb.jpg

post-2231-006046200 1342231128_thumb.jpg

post-2231-056930900 1342231144_thumb.jpg

cheers & thanks


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Looks like a Nottingham Starback reel so could be about 100 years old, Would have to research it a bit more for an exact date pretty sure there are some forums for vintage reel collectors if you wanted to look into it further.


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Thanks for that, Ben - well done on finding that info!! Are you keen on old reels? Did the pics 'ring a bell' with you?

I haven't heard of that particular one before!! I'll google it & see what else I can find! biggrin2.gifthumbup.gif


I have found a Reel Collector in the UK & have emailed him pics to see if he can positively identify it!

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Looks like a very early Ajax pre the metal mahined back they were made locally in Newcastle, I just had a look at Rosewood to Revolutiom amd cannot find anything there most English starbacks had a wing nut release or slater latch for the spool to be removed. Im having a $2 lottery ticket on it being an early Ajax lovely reels

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Hi Roberta,

Just came across your post. My first impression was that it was a Nottingham Starback. I had one. But with that ratchet it could well be an Ajax. You are right though, they were used in Great Britain for coarse fishing. Word of warning. Don't drop the reel on any hard surface. I did and, with the wood as old as it was, the spool and back plate split and I had to chuck the lot. Definitely a Minties moment!



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