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fin action on mad mullet sat 14-7-12


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hi people been busy an unable to post so just a short one,we headed out yesterday to get just past the shelf for the tide change, put the spread out right on the spot of last weeks hookup, 20 mins into it the short goes off for a nice run but nothing elce so we stopped the boat and up came a nice 40kg+ model yellowfin, headed north in search and no action, headed back south to the same spot for the arvo tide change and on the same spot we hooked up again only one strike so stopped the boat to land a 50kg+model bluefin, worked the area for a bit to get some small yellowfin and albacore, so had a cube into the night, no more action so we headed home for the awesome trip strait into the westerly of 25knts that was fun,, we got fish in the end so it was worth it,

see you all on the water soon

cheers andy

post-10639-056456900 1342317736_thumb.jpg

post-10639-027192800 1342317792_thumb.jpg

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Nice blue guys.

We got one YFT. You guys must have come in behind us last night. We stuck with our mate on another boat who had some difficulties on the awesome trip home last night. Least we all got a feed.


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thanks guys, dan im pretty sure you left your coffee mug in the boat so it could still be your the lucky charm mate

I've been wondering where that went! Thank god. You've seen the state it's in, I never go anywhere without that. You now know my secret

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Well what do you know "Greedy" AKA Jose is at it again. Don't tell me he jagged the Yellowfin, Got sick of him getting all the marlin strikes on Mr Magoo down the Banks in February !!!. Congratulations Mad Mullet on some great results of late.

Big Ken

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