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Anglers Almanac

Allen M

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Hi fellow lovers of fishing ! Any thoughts on the value of the Anglers Almanac booklet. I'm a sceptic but my brother is a great believer having used it for something like 20 years. He reckons that, by way of example, at those " peak " times you can definitely see an increase in surface activity etc, We were fishing together just recently at Narooma around the oyster racks up river and it was absolutely dead not even any pickers for about 2 hours but at the Almanac's peak time for the day which was a good hour after tide change and mid afternoon , within half an hour we picked up 3 good bream , then it died off again !! Would love to hear your comments

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I kept a diary a few years back in the almanac for all of my jew trips.

The results showed a definite pattern & made me a believer.

It also works very well on the bass in the local dam.

It takes a few other factors to line up apart from just the moon being right but it is a help.



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