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Squid heads.


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Hey all,

So tonight I landed my first set of Squid from the stones with a jig. and I have the heads left over in my fridge. I know these are gun baits for Jews but how do you rig them?

Also, anyone had any luck out at Greys Point? Might try throwing them out there.


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To rig a squid head you need to learn to "snell" hooks. Look it up on Youtube if you arent familiar with it. A running sinker rig works well with this. Pin the top hook through the top of the squid. The bottom hook needs to be threaded through one side and out the other. Hope this made sense..

Cheers, Tom

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For squid heads I go one hook at the top and thats it. Try to go through a tough part in the flesh to avoid the hook pulling out of the bait. If there is a bit of current or Im trolling and I see the bait spinning I may use a straight hook to stop this.

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