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Hi Raiders,

Fished some closer terrain off long reef this morning. Armed with 2KG of pillies and some squid jigs on DROPPERS...

Hit the edge of the reef around 4:15am, landed 2 big squid. started to berley / cube for 1 hour straight.

We ended up with some solid snapper for the morning, good times! This snapper season for myself is soon becoming amazing!

post-11981-039445300 1342480838_thumb.jpg

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Hey Butch,

Solid snapper mate.

So you were ANCHORED at 4:00am in winter ?

What did you have with your weetbix ? Antifreeze ?

You musta soaked your weetbix in antifreeze because you are also posing with the fish shirtless !

Ok so howzabout a few details?

What was the depth of water ?

Were you tucked in against the cliffs to get away from the early morning westerly ?

Even if you gave away ALL details of your capture, aint no-one gonna get an anchor in at 4:00am in winter.

But well done mate - you proved you are part eskimo - both in enduring the cold AND in catching fish.....

So how atre your seal hunting skills, eskimo Joe, er I mean Butch ?:074:


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Hi Tony,

Yeh mate, i have kids at home, so my only option is to fish early in the mornings before work. Best time of the day anyhow!

While it's still dark we target squid (which are there in huge numbers) & berley up cubes. Once the sun starts to rise a little, the snapper are onto the scene. They move up the berley.

Often when we open to the snapper up, they have our berley in their guts. It's a great way to fish for snapper and we usually get one around 4kg or over each session now.

I use a ski jacket and wetsuit to keep me warm - all good! I dont fish in boardshorts, just change into them before getting back in the car as cubing is messy stuff & the ski jackets can get a bit on the nose after a good session.



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i have a question can you catch snappers off the rock at Long Reef?

HI There,

You can get snapper off the tip of long reef if you berley hard cast a little way past WITCHES HAT.

The big snapper are often in a little deeper water, however, with berley, you can get them around the stones.


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