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The search, the find..............


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Raiders, went out last Thursday with fellow Raiders, Rads & Sparky, in search of the elusive Southern Bluefin tuna.

Well, as other Raider Dangas has previously described, they were few and far between, Radio chatter out past Browns indicated there were plenty of Albacore and Stripies but the elusive Bluefin were few and far between........that is until we saw Dangas load up. We were trolling just about everything with no luck until on Dangas' advice we switched to blue coloured deep diving x-raps. Next lap and BANG - double hook ups and we were ON !!! Pulled in the third line and went to work. Rads finally landed his about 45 mins later and a nice SBT aboiut 60-70 kgs. My fish at that stage was giving no quarter at all and it was pure and simple tug-0-war between me and him. After about 90 mins we finally saw colour, and these pics are what it is all about!!!

We estimate this bloke to be approx 90 to 100 kg - took 3 of us to haul him thru the transom door. My biggest fish EVER, and now my PB SBT. Gotta be a contender for FOTM. Look closely down at the bottom and my shoe is visible. Great day with good mates and 3 hours the next day to break them down.......with beers of course.

Cheers, Tuffy.

post-1961-053362400 1342593604_thumb.jpg

post-1961-065710400 1342593621_thumb.jpg

post-1961-088425600 1342593634_thumb.jpg

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WOO-bloody-HOO!! Awesome catch, Tuffy!! thumbup.gifyahoo.gif THAT is the fish of a lifetime!! Congratulations!! It May be a while before you top THAT one! biggrin2.gif


Hey Roberta, yep, it was an awesome catch, although I don't think I'll be topping it for quite some time. I must be getting lazy 'cos I get more enjoyment out of catching a smaller kingy to be honest.More excitement in that. This one was just like pulling up a VW Beetle from 300 mtrs - the odd kick here and there but no big blistering runs.


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Well Done Russell!!!

That looks like a huge Jewie!

See, that's why i don't go fishing with you anymore Marco - - - all you see is Jewie, Jewie, Jewie even when they have tentacles !!!

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