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fished dy in front of the rock pool on wednesday at low tide, only an undersize pig and a few rock cod/ wirrahs beautiful day, so good fishin in shorts and tshirt that a few tourist came down to the waters edge to have a look, they didnt quite make it as a wave washed onto the shelf and soaked em, haha :074: while i just lifted a leg and let the wave wash by.

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any hints as to how to avoid the undesirable species (wirrah/kelp fish/crimson wrasse), or is it just the case that they are part and parcel of targeting pigs?

Depends on what bait you are using. With weed/cabbage you shouldn't have much trouble with pickers. You can also get weed flies from tackle shops that last pretty much forever. Prawns/cunjevoi are more likely to get nibbled off pretty fast.

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Guest leisureman

Hi Benm,

Can you fish the weed flies like a normal bait on spinning gear under float or do you need fly gear? Also which tackle shops have these as would like to try out on the Luderick? Cheers!

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