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Our weekend at the HAIRTAIL social


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Well my wife Lisa and i were so looking forward to the relaxing weekend with others fishing for this fish they call the Hairtail. We left Bathurst at about 3am and just took our time getting down to Brooklyn. The weather was so great Friday morning when we arrived to pick up our house boat. We had a great trip down with no hiccups. For those that remember I had terrible times the last few trips with break downs and scary bits with the boat and trailer. But - all good this time :thumbup: on the house boat and making our way to Waratah Bay .

post-6381-015370900 1342946951_thumb.jpg

post-6381-040899400 1342946975_thumb.jpg

The others gathered later in the day and the Bay was very quiet. That night nothing got touched..? The next day Mrs Yarraone and myself went down to Bobbin Head for a coffee and a walk around.. We left the marina and then so did others very quickly as the boat shed BLEW up??

Most of us went for a fish up the river and tried our luck. I decided to give these soft plastics a go as the baits were doing nothing.. First cast with a green stick bait and the use of the "Line Dancer" Bang and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :yahoo: I am on to a great fish.. after a great little 10 min fight I had a beautiful Salmon of 67cm.

post-6381-092769800 1342946997_thumb.jpg

post-6381-025132000 1342947089_thumb.jpg

post-6381-056543400 1342947099_thumb.jpg

The light rain had started and we made our way back to the house boat as more raiders started to turn up.

post-6381-098312000 1342947013_thumb.jpg

post-6381-026340400 1342947026_thumb.jpg

post-6381-088062800 1342947038_thumb.jpg

We told a few yarns and got ready for the night.. Some of us went to Jerusalem Bay for the night.. I had a very quiet night but the others managed to get a few Hairtail and the guys at Jerusalem Bay got a few as well .. So they DO exist!!!!!!..

Lisa and I had an awesome weekend!! It was also great to meet a few people that I only knew "online".

On the way back up to Brooklyn we noticed that there was a great rainbow that went right over the mother ship in Waratah Bay.. looked great.. (see Pic) :thumbup:

post-6381-086708600 1342947057_thumb.jpg

post-6381-035886800 1342947068_thumb.jpg

post-6381-088211300 1342947077_thumb.jpg

So my firsts were as follows...

First time on a house boat on the Hawkesbury

First time using a SP and landing a fish (First Salmon ever)

The only "first" I didnt get was the hairtail... maybe next time..[/size]

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Congratulations on your first fish on a Soft Plastic! That's a legal kingy sized sambo and would have given you a great fight! SPs do work and the line dancer thing would have made your SP shake and wiggle so much the sambo could not resist it! Sounds like you and your wife had a greattime at the social.

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gday mate nice to finally meet up in person! a fun weekend was had by all involved and plenty of laughs. I didnt catch any hairys either but alan ( A.Dawg ) who fished on my boat managed 3 ! I landed a nice 60cm flathead and a couple of port jackson sharks on fri night and a just legal bream on saturday so that was better than nothing I suppose. Glad to hear that you and lisa had a good time after making the huge effort and coming from bathurst.


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