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Scent Blazer 25% off all products!

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G'Day all fisho's,

Here at Scent Blazer Lures we are running a deal that is here to stay for FishRaider members!!

Get 25%off your total purchases from www.scentblazer.com by entering thepromotional discount code below!

Discount Code: fishraider

Its that Easy!!

We also post direct to you!

Tight Lines,



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Awesome discount for the members and dont forget to tell Scent Blazer your user name so we can get plenty of good feed back.

Regards Admin

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Great deal guys... We are running 1 of there teasers & two of there lures in our spread... we would definitely recommend them as they have caught bluefin for us this season & I'm sure we will catch plenty of yellowfin as well.. We are pretty excited to see how they go on the marlin next season as well.



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