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A tale of two bays


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This morning I set off before 5.00am to avoid the M5 traffic, bound for Botany Bay. It was foggy when I left home and things had not changed when I reached Port Botany ramp. However, the planes were still taking off - I could hear but not see them. Scary I reckon! I decided that the fog would surely lift quite soon, and

after launching I made my way carefully out to near Henry Head with the aid of my chart plotter as visibility was down to around 300 metres. My intention was to drift off the heads for lizards but there was no way I was heading out there in those conditions. An hour or so was spent throwing soft plastics around the reefs at Henry Head for no result, so plan C came into play.

A trolling run out around the northern headland and back yielded two nice sized bonnies. The fog had persisted and visibility was still poor at 9.30 am. A larger trailerboat appeared out of the gloom - no nav lights to be seen, no all round white light and travelling far too fast for those conditions. Some skippers just don't get it. :thumbdown: I made the decision to head back in, trolling as I went due to the stiff westerly that was blowing.

Plan D was enacted at Mollineaux Point. A steady berley trail of chook pellets and bread moistened with water and tuna oil was de ployedin the hope of finding a blurter or three. Forty minutes later, as I was contemplating bringing plan E into action, line started peeling slowly from the spool of one of my rods, a 1-3 kg Berkley IM6 teamed witha Shimano Stradic 250o. It was spooled with 6lb Fireline and a 10 lb leader. I let the fish run for a bit, engaged the reel and set the hook. Immediately a large salmon took to the air about 40 metres away. After a torrid battle on the light gear, with the line rubbing against the anchor rope at one point, I boated an obese 67cm sambo. :yahoo: After measuring him I cut the hook and sent him on his way. Soon after line began peeling from the reel on the other rod I was using, an even lighter outfit. This time a healthy bonito came aboard. It was bled and iced and will be the basis of some Thai style fish cakes I think.

Things went quiet again so now for plan E. The Bay had basically glassed out by now, the wind having died to a zephyr. Powering over to the Brighton area I began fishing the drop-off along there with a 3/8 oz jighead adorned with a lime tiger colured Gulp crazylegs that had been shortened down a bit. Second cast and a 46 cm lizard liked what he saw, soon joining me in the boat. Two more casts and his slightly smaller brother had his upper lip pierced too. By now the wind had swung to the north and I had a nice drift along the shoreline going. A third slightly smaller fish joined the throng and I soon decided that it was time to leave before the dreaded M5 traffic started its daily slow grind home.

You just never know what will happen if you persevere when the going is tough!

Tight lines


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The lure that did the damage was a Rapala Husky Jerk in the Blue Glass Minnow colour and trolled at a speed of around 4 knots. It has a pale belly, a blue back and black spots along the top. Looks quite like a pilchard.

post-4311-078870000 1343251181_thumb.png

Great little lure that had a rattle to it. A deeper diving larger profiled lure remained untouched.

Here are a couple of video clips to help check them out.



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G'day Kel,

I think you made the right decision not to go outside in a pea soup fog.

And that skipper, er I mean boat driver (can't call him a skipper, eh?) that drove too fast in the fog - well he's a statistic waiting to happen isn't he ?

Well done on having planned up to having a 'plan "E" '. Most people rarely have a 'plan "A" ' organised.

It paid off for a nice bonnie and cuppla flatties.

Makes the M5 trip almost worthwhile.

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"And that skipper, er I mean boat driver (can't call him a skipper, eh?) that drove too fast in the fog - well he's a statistic waiting to happen isn't he?"

Keflapod - I hope not but even more so I hope some other poor bugger, who is doing the sensible thing, doesn't become a statistic courtesy of some dope like that one. That is the real worry.


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