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What to fish for this time of year


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Hello Gents,

Am looking to be let off the leash in the next week or two, Botany Bay is the area, what should I target this time of year and how.

Have most outfits, plastics, bait tank, squid jigs, burley etc. Area, method and tide to make the time most enjoyable would be greatly

appreciated. Would love kings but understand its the quiet time of the season for them.

Thanks in advance.

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Lately it would be worth your while to troll around the heads for Bonito. Also there is plenty of squid around so target any weed patches with good quality squid jigs. You could also try anchoring up near the oil wharf and get a burly trail going for some Silver Trevally and Bream. Just fish some un-weighted bait down your trail.



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