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artifical reef sydney


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I had a look for it about 6 months ago & found nothing using the co-ordinates advertised when it was first put out there. scanned around the area watching the sounder it showed no activity & even more intersting no structure apeared either.

I was wondering how accurate the co-ordinates were "I think maybe slightly out to give it time to build up" 12m structure should stand out.

if you do find it let us know where?


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Hi Guys,

The Sydney Offshore Artificial Reef GPS coordinates (WGS84) are:

Latitude - 33°50.797'S

Longitude - 151°17.988'E

I have never fished it but trolled over it and those co-ordinates are spot on. Looks like a big xmas tree on my sounder. If you get out there let us know how you went.



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The marks on the fisheries website are accurate. We have fished it a few times, And it is a tricky bit of structure to fish due to its shape being like a milk crate. so you can snag up really easily.

I have pulled a few kings off it but often it is plagued by jackets so i have moved on quite quickly. Its definately got a big build up of barnicles on it too.

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I'm very keen to check out the reef. especially once the kings start to move in closer. I'm hoping over the years the growth on it might fill the gaps making it less of a snag hazard.

I'm sure it will look more like a Christmas tree with everyone's jigs and plastics hanging off it.

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