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Wentworth Falls Lake

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Hi all , got out yesterday for a quick fish at wentworth fall lake in very cool and windy conditions(i will quite happily fish in a blizzard) started on the northwestern side of the lake with the wind blowing directly into my face making casting very difficult. After about 20 mins with only a couple of fish following the lure i gave up and moved to the next bay to escape the wind! I have never used7 cm rapalas for trout before believing they would be too big but after reading some posts on the forum i decided i would give it a try and had success on probably the fourth or fifth cast catching a very spirited little rainbow of about a pound and a half. I caught 1 other rainbow using powerbait on my spare rod around the same size and due to fading light and the wind changing directions i gave up at 5.30 and went home. :1clap:

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