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Blacky Madness


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Made a call to my best mate earlier in the week and arrangements were made to get his tribe of kids an mine into some Blackfish on the w/e. weed sourced and weather looking great we headed out sat arvo for a quick 2 hr session before dark with a couple extra kids to make it 8 fish at least to find…. Got to our spot and started baiting rods for the kids and by the 3rd rod I hear im on daddy,woooooohoooooooo . we help him out and this fish gives jesse a bit of drama but eventually he is safely in net and hi 5's all round…

Well we eventually get 4 rods out and floats were going down quicker than a 2 bob hooker at the cross.. kids were having a ball and I casted out for one of the kids and float didn't settle as stopper hit float it just disappeared so I lift rod then go to pass to a kid and all hell breaks loose.

After a lot of dramas I land a nice 42cm blacky but retire the rod as scuffed line and was hard keeping up with sooo many rods with fish going nuts..

This was truly a magical day I will treasure for many yrs and all the kids got 3 or 4 fish with a few around the 25 to 30 cm mark that were manageable even by my 3yr old master blacky fisho Blake and biggest went 42cm ..

We kept a bag of fish and let a lot go and the smiles and joy were priceless..

I returned with my mate for a proper go in the morning and we nailed it big time. We ended up taking a good bag of about 20 odd fish with more than that either let go or self releasing from lifting without the net.most fish were perfect eating size of mid 30's with a couple stonkers to 43cm.

I just toyed with em and watched my float go down,down,zig,zag,sideways while saying theres 2 baits gimme a double…. Well after 2 rods retired from bustoffs,scuffed line and broken leader etc I was glad I had all the extra rods… I couldn't better my 8yr olds double from previous arvo ..

The blackies I have got in previous weeks have had slight spawning signs but strangely enough the 30 odd fish I cleaned (for 5 families)all showed no signs of spawning.

Heres a couple of pics and a vid of my 3 yr old nailin a blacky and his 8yr old brother netting it…

How stoked do ya think I am every time I watch it….

Hope ya enjoy it as I am smiling with joy reliving it as I type…

jesse my 8 yr old with a double

post-2219-065719900 1343735927_thumb.jpg

Blake my 3 yr old helping buster fish and his 6yr old brother harry

post-2219-076087100 1343735933_thumb.jpg

a few ring ins with big smiles

post-2219-005208000 1343735939_thumb.jpg

me with a good bag,let more than this go.

post-2219-052090100 1343735944_thumb.jpg

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G'day Steve,

Mate you must be better than Santa Claus to these kids !

To put them all onto such amazing action is a credit to you and your selfless attitute.

They will remember that trip (and many of your other trips as well) for all their lives.

Well done....


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Top stuff :thumbup:

Good on you for helping out all the kids with their fishing, tremendous work indeed. When I take my two youngsters out I have trouble keeping up with only 2 or 3 rods with all the knots, tangles, snags, fighting etc and you had 8 to content with!! You must be a very patient, cool headed person and a great dad too.

Yes, they sure will remember this for many years to come.

And the little man needed a drink after his mammoth effort of winding in the fish ... doesn't get better than this.

Thanks for sharing


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Good on you, Steve & boys!! Definitely one of the best outdoor interests that you can get your kids into!! Something you can do with them, for the rest of your life!!

Go the BOYS!!


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