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Durras North/depot Beach


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Years ago I used to spearfish Depot, South headland. It was a favourte for us and it allways held good fish. Fish long casting rods out as far off the point of that headland, In a North east direction. Or spin any where.

North Durras (Most northerly beach) Is spectacular and very sheltered, Its like something out of the Great Barrier Reef in it apearance.

In contrast, South Durras was Barren(rocks) But beaches should be worth a try.

The coast between pebley beach and pretty beach is gods country :1fishing1:

But its a walk in affair.

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Hi Ed - we camped at Murramarang in South Durras during the long weekend last month. I bought my first beach rod for the occassion and tried a whole pilchard for my first ever cast into surf and within 10 minutes landed a nice tailor. It's a great area. Another tip, take some warm clothes and lot of :beersmile: , it can get pretty cool at night down there.

Good luck


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