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Sydney's Rock And Estuary Fishing Spots - Mag


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There used to be this killer A4 sized magazine of about 250 pages that covered pretty much every rock and estuary fishing spot in Sydney. The info in it was spot on ... the authors must have been totally obsessed. It was available at newsagents but I haven't seen it in years.

Does anyone remember the name of it and where I might pick up a copy? I had one a few years ago, and I must have read it from cover-to-cover six times. The binding eventually fell apart and I stupidly threw it out.


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Guest bluecod

Was it the Fishing News Giant Map Book - first published in 1977 ??

If it was, my copy is just about stuffed.

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Hi appoooh

Yes that was a great mag. You can still get it as I only seen one in a newsagent at Macarthur Square a few months ago. If you cant stumble across one I would either ask your local tackle store or newsagent to order one in for you.

:biggrin2: Russ

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Sydney's Top Fishing Spots published by FPC magazines. The same guys as publish Modern Fishing.

I had a quick look at their website but there is currently no reference to this particular mag there.

Have just manged to borrow a dog eared and torn copy from one of the guy's at work and done the right thing and restored all the pages to their proper place.

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