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G`day Fellas ,

A mate called in on his way to have a chuck in , and asked If I could lend him a few sinkers .

All I had at the time , were some large barrell sinkers that were laying on a table in the Garage.

I handed him the sinkers and he dropped them in his bag and off he went.

A few days later , He popped back in and returned my sinkers saying that he couldn`t use them , because they were plugged with sand.

I checked , and sure enough , both ends of the three sinkers were indeed blocked.

This puzzled me , because I had used them and as far As I could remember , they were fine.

Sometime later I inserted a large needle into one end of the sinker , and tried to pick out the sand , but bugger me if the needle didn`t go well into the barrell , and when I withdrew it , It was Moist.

Further examination of the other two , showed them both blocked as well , and after removing the " plugs " I discovered that they were actually small spiders , cocooned , I assume by a wasp.

I never fail to marvel at Natures creatures , bloody marvellous !.


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