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P.B. Flatty


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went out on my tinny with a couple of mates last Saturday.. whilst i were waiting for them to arrive, i started throwing around some sp's on the wharf in front of my house. Ended up with 2 decent tailor ranging from 29 to 33cm. After that we were off on the tinny and tired up to a buoy around ferry st wharf, hunters hill. There, i used a 100mm lava wriggler and came up with another smaller tailor and my mate, with an undersized flatty. We then decided to relocate and we found ourselves in tarban creek. We got another undersized flatty as soon as we got there. With things looking grim, i changed to a bloodworm wriggler and it payed off.. :biggrin2: I casted out into the channel and let in sink... As i went to jig up i was met with an almighty weight. At first i was reeling it in with relative ease thinking it was just weed but then the fish decided to go deep and the battle was on!! About 4 minutes later and 3 failed attempts of netting the fish, i had a 60cm flathead in the boat!! After that we went back to my wharf and decided to fillet the tailor for bait. we put a fillet of tailor on a baitrunner 8000D and let it drift in the channel. As i was gutting the flatty my brothers baitrunner sprung to life. He caught two snapper around the 30cm mark in the space of 5 minutes. Ended up with 7 taylor, 3 flathead and 2 snapper.

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