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Nelson Bay (port stephens) this long weekend


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Me and my partner is going to Nelson bay this long weekend.

Looking on the web, it might be good fishing so I am going to sneak in a cast here and there.

Going to take a light bream rod so looking for fun fishing (with fairly constant action). It will be catch and release.

Anyway advice on a place to fish? Prefer a jetty or something like that, even a good beach if we can get on to some salmon (great fun on light tackle).

Thanks in Advance.


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hey mate.

I was up there last week, didnt drop a line but went snorkeling. the water was FREEZING!! 18 degrees (which from what I have heard means that the fish are less inclined to bite, less active etc.) if the fishing doesnt work for you go for a snorkel mate. you WILL see fish, i recommend 'Fly Point'. nice area, easy parking, not far from town. if you wanna get serious head to stockton beach (20-30 minutes south from nelson). Little beach wharf has some good black fishing (I have heard) aint been fishing there for donkey's years though. But if the you get nothing, it's still a very nice place to be :)

Good luck!

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There are two jetties at Little Beach , one at each end. Either or both are worth a try.

The other popular spot is the break wall near the marina at Nelson Bay. It's best fished at the top or bottom of the tide as the water tends to rip past the wall when the tide is coming in or out.


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The problem with land based fishing up there(especially the south side) is the weed beds.

There used to be a jetty at Salamander bay next to the resort, havent been there for ages thought.

Have never tried the east part of shoal bay beach(near the point of halifax holiday park) but theres not a lot of weed there & Im going to give it a go next time im up there.

Make sure you go to the info centre & get a marine parks map, fisheries dont give warnings up there if you are in a sanctuary :ranting2:

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