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Just another luderick post

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, I was out again this arvo chasing blackies, the wind from the northeast has pushed in a small 2-3 foot swell which is enough for Avoca just to make things a bit wet.

Got totally soaked from the splashy bits getting blown on me but it was all good cause the blackies were on the chew, stringy stuff was on the menu today..

The fish were around the 10foot depth and ranged from 30-40cm's and there was plenty of them today.

Got a good feed for my elderly neighbour who just loves his blackies, he is just a bit too old to get around the rocks himself so I go get them for him and his wife.

Anyway thats about it for today, only grabbed one shot, things were a bit damp and I was very wet and cold now, my apologies for the slack picture taking....

post-3371-041442800 1348739838_thumb.jpg

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"but I'm keen to have a go before the flatties come on!" (Jenno 64).

Better get out after the blackies soon 'cause the lizards are on now!! I got 9 fishing solo last week and three of us got 11 on Tuesday afternoon, dropping at least eight more. Love the spring lizards in Botany Bay!


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