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Maroubra, Mullabar and La Perouse last night


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Hey Raiders, quick report.

I was starting work later today so i went fishing last night.

The pan was to hit the stones off maroubra for big taylor and salmon.

I got there and was greeted by what i would describe as 50km/h winds blowing right in my face. casting was going to be touch lol.

I casted a pillie out into an ocean which looked extremely angry - no good. the wave sets were too frequent and were pushing the float into the rocks.

Plan B - tried Mulabar stones - donut

Plan C - Tried La Perous - Donut

Plan D - Go home, play battlefield and COD all night on the play station - this was a huge success.

Will be fishing Minamurra this sunday for big bream and hopefully some flatties and Kiama Harbour for salmon and rock species.

Have a great and safe long weekend everyone,


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