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How effective are blades for flathead?


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Blades work just fine on Flatties and are good way of covering plenty of water - IMO I dont think the pause is strictly necessary as the flatties will happily pick em up on the way up or the way down - but you might as well have a bit each way and pause a little before lifting as the pause works for bream as well.

Blood Knot

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Hi guys just got a few questions.

-How effective are blades for flathead?

-how should i fish them? like SP's? and pause the same amount of time?

-Which blades and colours work best?

Thanks in advance

Blades are very effective on flathead, but you might need to up the leader size because they disappear quite easily inside a flatheads mouth.

I find that the most effective fashion to fish blades (taking into consideration your on a sandy bottom) is to cast, let it sink then wind the tension, then raise your rod tip pulling the blade off the sand and up toward you which will cause it to flutter in the water. Once your rod butt is vertical, let the blade sink and wind up the tension ( always winding with a bit if bend at your rod tip which spools your braid onto your spool with a bit of resistance which prevents wind knots, trust me ) then repeat... This action works with most fish, using this action I've caught soapies, whiting, flathead and snapper.

Keep your colours basic, you could go nuts and buy loads of blades, but I personally think one lighter natrual colour and one darker natrual colour will cover most bases, which you will apply to the environment your fishing. Blades are not so much a visual thing for fish, but a feel thing, the vibrations caused by the blade thru the water are felt in the fishes lateral line arousing the fishes instinct to hunt.

Finally, don't give up, blades are very effective lures, but like any thing else, they have their days, so don't give up.


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I have also had a lot of success with blades and they cast like bullets. I have caught on all colours but reckon pink is my favourite - particularly when there is some colour in the water. I like short hops but making sure I take up the slack straight away as most takes are on the drop.

Best of luck


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As Fishingphase says - up your leader - the first fish I caught on a blade was a big flattie up at South West Rocks ..... also the first fish to PINCH my blade!! They are SO easy to be taken right down & the leader shredded .....

...Thanks everyone for your replies do you think they work better then plastics sometimes? ...

Work them in conjunction with the SPs ..... you can change the trebles to a 'double' instead - or even single hooks or the Assist hooks ..... to prevent hooking weed so much!

Give 'em a go & see how you go!



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