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squidgies in gulp juice


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Personally I haven't tried it before. My best guess is that you probably COULD but it may have some sort of effect on the plastic. The gulp juice is made for Gulp plastics so there may be a chemical in there that could harm squidgies etc.. Best way is to put 1 or 2 in for a week and see what they're like after. Make sure you don't put Z-man's anywhere near gulp juice or other plastics for that matter. They melt... Accidentally left a 6" swimmerz in with the squidgies for a few days and when i next opened that box, on side of the z-man was pretty badly melted/mutated... Let me know if the squidgies go ok with gulp juice as i may do the same in future!

Cheers, Tom

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We have caught a few big greeneyes on 3-7 inch gulps and we came to a conclusion they like the scent of the gulp so what we have been trying is soaking the jigs in the juice and then putting some egi max on it.

Can't say it's been any different as I think the uprising number of squid is due to the water clearing and warming up.

I wouldn't soak any hook or jig in the juice over night as the stuff rusts you hooks over night . I think from memory I hav a squidgies in a gulp packet and they either melted or hardened up / shrunk. I dont think it works that way but what wrong with s factor?

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