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Inside trolling advice


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Hey guys after a massively failed attempt to get livies on Thursday. (most likely due to arriving after day break) i was thinking about getting some hard body's to use in the hope of king's bonnies sambo's ect. I was wondering if anyone could suggest specific lures/sizes and also and advice. For example i was thinkin i should prob slowly troll past structures in the harbour e.g wedding cakes. Or does anyone think it would be more effective to just troll around everywhere an cover as much ground as possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated even speeds to travel at as boat fishing is extremely new to me only been out max 7 times been land bassed for years. Thanks again guys and i look forward to any help. Also im rockin 13ft run about with 15hp motor an humminbird 100sx fishfinder if that makes any diffrence.

Regaurds Kev.

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Don't give up on the livies just like that champ, keep at it and you'll get them. Balmoral wharf is good anytime of day/night. Berluy with bread and a touch of tuna oil and they will come. Fish with 4 pound line, mince or slivers of pilchard, no lead if you can and size 12 long shank and you'll get em.

Trolling is a different ball game....

Good luck!

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Buddy, you can't go wrong with trolling two Rapala CD-9 (red head colour) lures along the coast line. Anywhere from 10 - 30 metres away from the cliffs. Have one about 10m behind the boat one about 20m. Nice and easy no tangles and keep trolling a lttle when you get a strike, lots of times it will become a double. Bonito, kings, samon, tailor, stripe tuna and many others.

Good luck.

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