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Good Whiting


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Hi raiders

Having organised my blood worms last night, I was able to jump in the car and go straight to my destination this morning.

Arriving at Balmoral beach, I found a good parking spot not to far from the beach, grabbed my gear off the back of my ute and headed down.

Over all a quiet morning with minimal action, I'm usually quite conservative with the amount of worm I use, but seeing I had been there and hour and not used much bait at all, I weaved a whole worm on and sent it out, being a bit to ambitious with my cast I did the old "cast it that hard and make it smash into the water in front of you cast" Winding it in quickly I recast to the desired spot and within minutes I could feel the bait being mouthed. Thinking to myself it's a big bit of bait, I better give it a bit of time, no sooner than I was done with that thought the rod loaded up and after a short lethargic battle, this lovely whiting surfaced.


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Cracker whiting mate! Had a ball in MH with them on tiny poppers this afternoon.. Didn't land any that size but spooked a few of a similar size... Next goal is to crack one on a little z-man grubz! :biggrin2:

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