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Monday morning Botany bay


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Just a quick report from Monday mornings fishing adventures

Arrived at the ramp and there was no Que (nice) got the boat in the water by about 7:30 the the water ways guys were inspecting the boats that was over with pretty quickly ans the guy i spoke to was a top bloke got to our spot by about 8 in time to catch the run in tide... It was quite for about 20 mins then we got the burly going and the small snapper and bream started biting nothing of legal size though so they all went back.

We moved around a bit tried a few other spots but pretty much had the same results everywhere we tried I also forgot my fish finder/sounder so that probably didn't help.

From the other boats around it looked like not much was happening so by 11:30 we packed up and headed in

Seems the water is still a bit too cold but the morning was beautiful and it was nice to get back out on the water

Looking forward to getting out there again hopefully a fair bit this season ..have a full tank of fuel to burn :)

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Thats the bay for ya mate........nothing has changed.

That just fishing, the bay has its days like any other spot, and we wouldn't appreciate the days we did catch fish if we caught fish every time, I mean that's part of the allure and excitement isn't it? Not know what we're going to get, heading out there with 3 things, fishing gear, bait and the only non-physical item; Hope.


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You are spot on it's the not knowing whes down there and on the end of your line that keeps us going back.

i think that's what keeps me keen the unknown ... also the tasty aftermath of the catch helps :)

I have had good days and bad days in the bay but it's all part of fishing, getting out on the water and not catching anything still beats not being on the water at all.

Just have to keep trying :)

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