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Minamurra River and Kiama Harbour long w/e


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Hey Raiders,

Hope everyone had a good long weekend, im back at work and struggling to keep my eyes open!

Sunday the gf, a couple of mates and I headed to Kiama for some fishing and relaxing.

Sunday we hit Minamurra river early and fished the road and bridge and all the banks heading toward the ocean.

I used squidgy 50? and 100mm blood worm wrigglers,squidgy prawn, sebile vibes, berkley 3B surface walker, squidgy fish in the garry glitter and some other flick baits for a donut. i had a couple of taps on the wriggler but nothing solid.

BTW Scaffsta is you read this post, in true 'pro fishing style' I casted a squidgy 50mm blood worm wrigger which was meant to be aimed in between a pylon right on your beautiful scaffolding work. (if you find this you got your self a new lure mate lol)

day 2 i fished kiama harbour in the morning belting out metal slugs and poppers from the rock ledges in hopes of some salmon or bonito for nothing.

We went back to minamurra on our way home for another donut.

Although the fishing was slow i cannot tell you how relaxed I was just wading in the crystal clear shallow water of minamurra was really peaceful, it really didnt bother me that much that i didnt catch any.

The slow fishing must be attributed to the freezing water honestly my feet were aching from it.

I wonder when the flatties will come on?


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Mate thats a shame i was really looking forward to some pics of them big bream in your esky. I dont no what it is but them fish wont take anything, and when we go back to pull the scaffold down if its still there ill get it back to ya but i think some of the railcorp guys mite find it before we get back down there & when i do go im taking my speargun lol

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