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Flatty in Neutral Bay

Guest Harlequin

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Guest Harlequin

Good Arvo Fellow fishers,

Over the last few days been walking around neutral bay watching things liven up after all the storm water cooling things off. Yesterday afternoon watched 3 cormorants feasting on a small bait school.

Today thought it was time to take the rod down for a cast to see if there was anything around after watching a nice blue crab going for a walk over the sand flat,then a small stingray cruising past. After few casts I was reeling in a small flatty on a vibe, my first fish landed on a vibe. The flatty was small about 31cm, the shoe is 33cm for reference.

post-17001-054667200 1349227803_thumb.jpg

post-17001-097040200 1349227782_thumb.jpg

Found the bay was a good spot to perfect technique as with the clear water you can watch the action and determine the connection placement on the vibe for the conditions. If you have never used the other holes on the vibe, i suggest have a play. Main difference between the positions that i noticed the amount of vibration to retrieve speed

Good Fishing

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